HAUS of WAUS is an established Motion Graphics Studio specialized in making high-end 2D & 3D animations and Visual Effects in Amersfoort. We build trailers, commercials, leaders, product videos, infographics or anything else to your liking. We want to guarantee our clients the so called “WAUS-factor,” which means we create solid products which are creative, innovative, fresh and slightly crazy instead. On top of that, we can create almost anything in our own house. From concept to visualization; the HAUSmates are here for you.


Robin Nijhof

Founder, Art Director, 3D Animator

Robin has always been passionate about high-end realistic 3D animation. He graduated at the Utrecht University of Arts (where he met Jeroen) and started freelancing. After some years he decided it was time to direct his own projects. Nowadays he’s famous for “Robinizing” projects, which means making a legendary finishing touch. It’s always has been his passion to learn more, to create more and to bring 3D animation to a next level.

Jeroen de Koster

Founder, Graphic designer & 2D Animator

Since the early days Jeroen has had a passion for helicopters and explosions, which is why he is still known today as the ‘Explosionman’. When he got older he wanted to make a living from this passion, which led him to study animation and visual effects at the Utrecht University of Arts. This is where he met Robin. Out of their friendship they decided to form HAUS of WAUS. Jeroen is the main Graphic designer and 2D Animator, nowadays with fewer explosions, but not with less of an impact of visual awesomeness.

Pepijn Heckemann

Sales Manager

Pepijn has been in the management and sales world for some time now. He has experience in different branches but his heart for the animated arts and media made him to connect with HAUS of WAUS. These days he’s selling our WAUS flavoured stuff!

Marit van den Hof

3D Animator

Marit has studied Archeology at Leiden University, it has been her passion to recreate the past in 3D, which was what her thesis was about. After some years of experience in the field of 3D, she started doing more commercial projects as well. She’s an experienced modeller with a passion for 3D animation and creating the most beautiful landscapes.